12 Last minute DIY Gift Ideas!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If you haven’t, just remember there’s only 7 shopping days left! Eeek!  I got a good chunk of it done yesterday, but still have a few to check off. If you read my previous post, you’ll know that this year I tried to buy most of the gifts either locally, through Etsy or by making DIY Gifts.

One thing I realized by doing this, is I’ve avoided the craziness in the malls. That alone makes it worth it, because I never shop early enough to avoid it.  I ended up going to a cookware store on the weekend, not thinking how crazy it could be as I wasn’t shopping for anything Christmas related – oh my word! It was a mad house! Hmmm…..wonder where the term “mad house” comes from? Houses can’t be mad. Is it a bunch of mad people in a house? Anyhoo, I walked in, saw a line up of at least 40 people, turned around and walked out. I don’t need anything that badly!

Luckily, the only gifts I have left to do are a couple of last minute DIY gifts, so I won’t have to enter the madness again.  So, if you need any last minute DIY gift ideas, here are 12 of them!


1. Terrarium Kit by Wit & Whistle

1. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - 1. Terrarium Kit


2. Infused Vodka by Emily at My Baking Addiction

2. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Infused Vodka


3. DIY Instacards from Say Yes To Hoboken

3. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Guide - Instagram Photo Card - DIY-Canvas-Instagram-Cards-by-Penelope-and-Pip__STep5-SYTH


4. Dog (or Cat!) Bowls from the gals at A Beautiful Mess

4. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Wood Burning Dog or Cat Bowls - 6a00d8358081ff69e20176167af343970c-800wi


5. Homemade Roasted Garlic Oil from How Sweet It Is

5. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Roasted Garlic Oil


6. Sharpie Coffee Mugs from A Bubbly Life

6. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Sharpie Coffee Mugs


7. Hot Chocolate & Baileys from 3 City Girls NYC

7. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Hot Chocolate & Baileys


8. Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl at Kollabora

8. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - two-hour_cowl1


9. Tile Coasters from The Cottage Mama

9. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Scrapbook Tile Coasters


10. DIY Gift Card Snow Globe from The Creative Mama

10. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - DIY Gift Card Snow Globe


11. Handmade Monogrammed Bracelet from Born In Eighty Two

11. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - Monogrammed Bracelet


12. DIY Eye Chart Tutorial from Design Dining & Diapers

12. Paper & Birch - DIY Gift Ideas - DIY Eye Chart


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