Fall Recipes I’m Lovin’

It’s officially fall! Woohoo! I love fall. Love the colours, love the cooler weather & even love the rain. Yes folks, I admit it. I love rain. Love the sound of it, love how it kinda just washes things away. There’s something romantic about it. Here in Vancouver, you have to at least accept it otherwise you’ll never survive.
One thing I can’t wait for is, the weather to be cool enough that we don’t need our portable air conditioner. Our air conditioner although it cools the room down, the light from it’s little screen is SOOOO bright I can see it with my eyes closed. Nuts, now I have “Sunglasses at night” in my head.
Maybe it’s just me, but I wake up from a movement, a light nearby being turned on, a change in breathing and our neighbour in the building next to us: Smokey Smokerson. This cute little 80-ish old man who smokes (aka hacks up) his cigarettes at all hours of the night.
But the nights are finally getting a little cooler and soon we can roll that thing back down to the dungeon aka our storage locker. Cheers will be had, toasts will be made, and a possible parade in its honour.
Another thing that comes with fall is the plethora of comfort food. My favourite kind! You know you love comfort food! Love a bowl of somethin’ warm on a cool, rainy night.
Here are some of my favourite fall recipes I’m lovin’ right now. :)

Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Pumpkin-Cinnamon-Cookies www.paperandbirch.comPumpkin Cookie Recipes – Two Peas & Their Pod 


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Cinnamon Sugar Apple Doughnut Muffins www.paperandbirch.comCinnamon Sugar Apple Doughnut Muffins – Annie’s Eats


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Carrot Coconut Curry Soup www.paperandbirch.comCarrot Coconut Curry Soup – A Couple Cooks


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Baked Apple Cider Donuts www.paperandbirch.comBaked Apple Cider Donuts with Pomegranate Glaze – 40 Aprons


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Morning Buns www.paperandbirch.comMorning Buns – Brown Eyed Baker


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Maple Pecan Pie www.paperandbirch.comMaple Pecan Pie – Leites Culinaria


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Soft-Pumpkin-Cookies-with-Cinnamon-Buttercream-Frosting www.paperandbirch.comSoft Pumpkin Cookies with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting – Six Sisters’ Stuff


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Autumn Chopped Salad www.paperandbirch.comAutumn Chopped Salad – Iowa Girl Eats


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Old Fashioned Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes www.paperandbirch.comOld Fashioned Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes – Pinch of Yum


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Coq Au Vin www.paperandbirch.comCoq Au Vin – Leites Culinaria


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Pumpkin Maple Cupcakes www.paperandbirch.comPumpkin Maple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting – The Novice Chef


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Butternut Squash Soup www.paperandbirch.comButternut Squash Soup – Food Network


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - Pumpkin Brownies www.paperandbirch.comPumpkin Brownies – My Baking Addiction


Paper & Birch - Fall Recipes - The-Best-Soft-Gingebread-Cookie www.paperandbirch.comThe Best Gingerbread Cookies – One Little Project


Have a great weekend!


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Cookbook giveaway! (Winner!)

The Winner of the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is…….


#230 Diana Flynn: I would make cupcakes for my best friend’s baby shower :)
Congratulations Diana, please email: info@paperandbirch.com to claim your prize! Thank you to all of you who commented, tweeted and liked our Facebook page with your entries! Stay tuned, there will be another giveaway next month!


Paper & Birch - Hummingbird Cookbook Giveaway
Alright yo, it’s Friday! Can you believe it! This week has been super crazy busy. I’ve been in headless chicken mode more than once. Sometimes more than once in a day. But HALLELUJAH the weekend is here!
A couple of weeks ago I bought this cookbook a couple of weeks ago from Hummingbird Bakery. Yes, partly because I liked the cover – I tend to buy my wine the same way ;) But also because I wanted to try every recipe! They all look incredible yummy and sooo pretty.
Today also happens to be my birthday! We won’t say how old, but let’s just say there’s a 3 in it and leave it at that. It’s also the day that the iPhone 6 & 6Plus comes out and I think I may be more excited for that. Usually my husband gets the new phone and I get his hand-me-down, which is great. He even cleans it, puts it back in the box like it was new, just for me. He’s cute that way. :) But this year, I’m getting the new phone too! Booya!
So, I thought since I’m getting a present today, YOU should get a present today too!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Friday!
~Natalie :)

23 Responses to “Cookbook giveaway! (Winner!)”

  1. izawisiorek@o2.pl'/ Izabela Rusnak Wisiorek says:

    I love muffins

  2. afieldtrip@gmail.com'/ Amy says:

    i would probs make cookies or brownies first :)

  3. daisycv23@gmail.com'/ Christine says:

    would love to make Red Velvet Cupcakes

  4. […] Site Name: Paper & Birch Prize Description: Enter to Win a copy of Hummingbird Bakery’s Cookbook! Open to: US, Canada, 18+ Entry Deadline: 09/23/2014 Enter This Giveaway Here: http://www.paperandbirch.com/?p=1263 […]

  5. dwellenstein@cox.net'/ Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I will make the Cheesecake Brownies.

  6. sweepmom@comcast.net'/ Tari Lawson says:

    I would like to make the apple pie.

  7. cloud10277@gmail.com'/ Tracy Pryor says:

    I’d love to make the spiced pound cake.

  8. susansmoaks@gmail.com'/ susan smoaks says:

    i will make the red velvet cupcakes first. they are my favorite!

  9. lahlstedt@gmail.com'/ Lisa A. says:

    I would try the Red Velvet Cupcakes. Yummy!

  10. mmjohnson555@gmail.com'/ m says:

    Cupcakes for sure!!!!!

  11. kim.garot@gmail.com'/ Kim Hoa says:

    I would love to know how to make cupcakes

  12. pbandellie@hotmail.com'/ Ellie says:

    Brownies! yumm

  13. kimkmc@yahoo.com'/ McKim says:

    I’d like to make red velvet cupcakes.

  14. mariasimon1973@yahoo.com'/ MARIA simon says:

    love to make Red Velvet Cupcakes

  15. Ashley.l.ramsey@gmail.com'/ Ashley says:

    I just love cookbooks!!!!! I’d make the cupcakes.

  16. royalegacy@gmail.com'/ Danielle Royalegacy says:

    I would like to try their brownies.

  17. candieluster@gmail.com'/ Candie L says:

    I would love to make anything sweet. Thank you

  18. johnson.m.and.h@gmail.com'/ Holly E says:

    The Red Velvet cupcakes sound wonderful.

  19. mvantil@cfl.rr.com'/ MARY V says:

    I would make some of those yummy cupcakes on the cover! Thanks

  20. regnod@yahoo.com'/ Daniel M says:

    I’d do up some cupcakes

  21. Ladydi7755@gmail.com'/ Diana says:

    I would make cupcakes for my best friend’s baby shower :)

  22. atreau@gmail.com'/ Sand says:

    I would make the brownies on the cover!

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Giveaway on Friday!!

Paper & Birch - Giveaway

It’s Hump Day! Woot woot! This week has been CAH-RAZY! Last night a girlfriend and I went to a scarf dying class at Lululemon Lab. Who knew that you could dye fabric with plants and flowers? Not this lady! Was pretty neat.

Tonight I have my baking class that I started last week. Tonight we get to take our cakes home, which works out great since my birthday is on Friday. So, if you read my previous posts, I’ve been on a crazy baking kick lately. And I picked up a new cookbook last week that I wanted to make EVERYTHING in it. Seriously. Everything. If my husband and I didn’t go to the gym regularly, we’d be so fat right now.

Because I like y’all, I decided to have a little giveaway. You are gonna want this cookbook!

Stay tuned!

~Natalie :)

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Dream Kitchens!

It may be sunny out, but man it was cold this morning! Ok, so it’s not “Snowing in September Calgary Cold” but I couldn’t close the windows and turn the heat on fast enough this morning! Still cold 2 hours later with bootie slippers on too. Gotta love old apartment’s and their “take a lifetime why don’t ya” heating system! I mean 2 hours?? I usually don’t have that kinda patience and jack that thing up and end up sweating 4 hours later! Which my husband so lovingly reminded me of this morning. :P

I can’t wait to have a dream kitchen. Heck, I can’t wait to have a kitchen that has regular sized appliances!

Our kitchen is so narrow that if my husband and I stood side-by-side, we could play a game of red rover and no one would be gettin’ through.

Our fridge is so small, you can’t stand up a bottle of pop, or more importantly a bottle of wine. If I put a milk carton on the main shelf, that basically takes up half the space.

Our oven is so small, that I can’t bake with a regular sized cookie sheet. When we first moved in here, most of the things that went in the oven did so on a pizza pan.

So….the lesson here is our kitchen was made for elves, teeny tiny elves.

I cannot wait to have a big girl kitchen. My dream kitchen would be one with a oven big enough for a turkey – no make that 2 ovens! Gotta think big here. A fridge that I could fit a bottle of wine AND a carton of milk. And not having to use a deep freezer as the only prep area.

Oh to dream… :) Do you have your dream kitchen? If ya do, can you feel my jealousy from here? I betcha can!

Here are 10 dream kitchens, I would soooo love to cook in!


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Black & White Kitchen - Desire to InspireDesire to Inspire


Home TourSavvy Home Blog


Santa RosaHomedit


 Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Italianate-Villa-Lake-Washington_5Denoxa 


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - jen-langston-interiors-1Dust Jacket


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Lee CarolineLee Caroline


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Pioneer Woman LodgeThe Pioneer Woman


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Spanish Style Black:White KitchenThe Art of Awkward


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Susan+Greenleaf+San+Francisco+Home+classic+sCi1wjl3Ab3lLonny


Paper & Birch - Dream Kitchens - Vintage Interior HelgHannesdagbok

Happy Friday All!

~Natalie :)

P.S. I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment below letting me know ya stopped by! Let me know what your favorite things are :)

3 Responses to “Dream Kitchens!”

  1. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t mind being forced to bake in one of these beauties :D I like feel and atmosphere of the “Savvy Home Blog” kitchen the most, but I feel like the others with more counter and work space would be better for a chaotic baker like me :D

  2. lydiawchen@gmail.com'/ Lydia says:

    Great posts. That looks delicious.

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Friday Favorites!

Things are a changin’ this past week. Kids are back in school….well except here – they’re on strike. But other kids are back in school. The temperature is starting to cool down, the sun is going to bed a little earlier and the leaves are starting to change. I love this time of year.

Last weekend the husband and I went camping at Thousand Trails in Cultus Lake. Now, let me clarify something here. My husband (and the other husbands we went with) wouldn’t exactly call it camping. They referred to it as “Glamping”. So maybe technically we didn’t sleep in a tent, but rather a mobile home at a RV camping place. Yes, it had electricity, and a small kitchen and a bathroom, with a plug for my flat iron….BUT you try and fit 9 people in 250 square feet and try and say that’s not roughing it!

Seriously, my husband and I slept on twin bunk beds. Twin!? When I was a kid, I always was jealous of friends who had bunk beds. But as an adult, I realize now that those things are only comfortable when you’re 12.

My main contribution was baking. I’m loving dessert bars right now. Last week I made a batch of Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Pecan Krispie Treats (on the blog soon!). For camping, I brought a batch of my Salted Chocolate Chip Pecan Blondies, The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction and Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies and trust me people these things ARE outrageously good! By the end of the 2nd day there, they were all gone.

I’m also loving the Vitamix we bough recently. If you don’t have one, you my friend are NUTSO! We make smoothies every morning and it is soooo much easier than when we had an old fashioned blender. That thing reminds me of a rotary phone. For all you kids out there, that’s one of those phones that had a cord that plugged in the wall and you had to stay still while on the phone. No really, these things did exist. I ain’t no liar!

Since today is Friday, in our house we call it “Fun Food Friday”. We generally eat pretty clean during the week, but on Friday it’s all things yummy and gooey! Tonight I’m making these California Club Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Lauren’s Latest. If you don’t follow her already you must. She also loves things yummy and gooey. That makes her good people in my books.

On the girlier side of things (yes, it’s a word – don’t judge) I’m loving Cover Girl’s Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm. I’m a bit of a lip balm hoarder. No joke, you can look in any purse I own and find at least 1 or two lip balms. I’m not a fan of lipsticks, I find most dry out my lips and the husband doesn’t like glosses – he calls them gooey. And not in the good gooey way those sandwiches are. So, I’m all about the tinted lip balms. Any of you have any favourites??

I’m also loving Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo. This stuff has rocked my world peeps! I have used SOOOOO many dry shampoos and I either find they don’t work or they leave such a heavy residue on my hair that it tangles. But this stuff – no residue AND it works! Hallelujah.

We eat a lot of salads here. I try and make most of our salad dressings because I have an onion sensitivity and most salad dressings have onions in them. So unless I want to anger my stomach, I make them myself. Dear Salad Dressing Making People: switch it up a bit, try not using onions all the time. Maybe forget them at the market next time. Alright I’m back, I’m back. I’m loving this Salad Dressing Shaker by Oxo. Best one I’ve used so far.

If you love baking….you gotta get this cookbook from Butter Baked Goods. It’s from an amazingly talented local bakery here in Vancouver. I’ve tried several recipes from their book already and loved every one of ‘em.

Alright thanks for tuning in for another edition of Friday Favorites! Now, go have a great weekend and make something gooey.

~Natalie :)

P.S. I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment below letting me know ya stopped by! Let me know what your favorite things are :)

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